Bellavei Skin Care

Bellavei Skin Care Your Complete Care To Take Care Of Those Wrinkles

Wrinkles are inevitable. As you get older creases, ridges and folds start making appearances on your skin as a result of your maturing skin cells and facial expression. Also causing wrinkles are the harsh and harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Even an unhealthy lifestyle comprising bouts of smoking and even dehydration, prolonged illness and certain medications might lead to causing of wrinkles from a very early stage, even your mid twenties.

  1. Potential reasons: the facial skin is much thinner than the skin of the body, hence it is more prone to sagging and being replete with wrinkles. The skin comprises collagen and elastin which the skin begins rapidly losing after the age of 30. Hence it is highly advisable by dermatologists, to commence a thorough anti-ageing skincare regime from your mid-twenties quite diligently.
  2. Why bellavei skin care: while there’s no denying that a surplus of anti-ageing products in the market, bellavei skin care is truly a revolutionary product, in that it effectively combats wrinkles, and restores the youthfulness and attractiveness of the skin. It implements very powerful ingredients and ingredient combinations to hydrate and moisturize the complexion, thus replenishing the skin and a skin that is devoid of any lines or wrinkles whatsoever. Bellavei skin care is a potent multi-tasking product that that brightens and lightens the skin- not only the facial region, but also the décolletage and cleavage safeguarding and caring for the well being of the skin. The entire kit consists of a cleanser, a moisturiser, and an anti-ageing complex and an emollient that completes the entire skin care regimes rejuvenating the youthful appearance of the skin.
  • It improves the elasticity and clarity of the skin.
  • It makes sure that all discolorations of the skin fade away evenly.
  • It eliminates dark blemishes and dark spots extremely efficiently.
  • It caters to and is suitable for all skin types.
  • It promotes collagen production of the skin.
  • It tightens and firms the skin cells.
  1. Active ingredients of bellavei skin care:
  • Vitamin c: Vitamin c is rich in ascorbic acid which have a beneficial property in restoring skin health. It promotes collagen synthesis and helps in the treatment and prevention of ultra-violate rays induced photo-damage.
  • Shea butter: Shea butter is replete with multifarious healing properties. It also moisturises and hydrates the skin. It eliminates blemishes, wrinkles and various skin conditions.
  • Evening prim-rose oil: evening primrose oil is packed with omega-6 fatty acid which is an integral ingredient in maintaining the health of skin and nails. It is a very powerful ingredient in combating wrinkles and discoloration, acne.
  • Arbutin: it is an extract of bearberry and is an effective skin lightening ingredient found actively in bellavei skin care range to combat wrinkles.
  • Grapefruit seed extract: it is rich in essential anti-oxidants like flavinoids, linoleic acid and phenolic procyanidins thus preventing high blood pressure and elasticity of the skin.

Bellavei Skin Care

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